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"Brisson always gets to the heart of a song and conveys basic human emotions without resorting to excess of any kind."


"Her presence in such company sounds unforced and confident...The listener is left to speculate where her remarkably mature sense of phrasing comes from. The future of vocal jazz looks bright indeed."


Possessing a powerful voice at the tender age of 17, she has nothing to apologize for. This young lady is bursting with talent.
She is a rare diamond—but she is not in the raw….Chloe Brisson is a phenomenon who will produce a lot of great music that will make an undeniable mark in the jazz industry!



"Chloe Brisson returns, four years later, with an album that makes the case for a career beyond that of youthful curiosity. In the intervening time, Brisson has grown more confident in her approach, and her voice has taken on interesting new depths and shadings."


She swings the daylights out of Canadian songwriter Sharada Banman's "So Long, You Fool" (covered in 2007 by Sophie Millman) and caresses the lovely, soulful, "Aretha" from the pen of Rumer….

Chloe Brisson's sophomore release has much to offer fans of jazz vocals.  One imagines that, as she continues to explore the possibilities of the world of music as well as continues to study and work with great musicians like Fred Haas, Matt Wilson and Bill Mays, her music will grow exponentially. She's definitely got the "voice" and the desire - it's going to be fun to see where Chloe Brisson goes.


At an age when her contemporaries are auditioning for "American Idol", Brisson is hanging out with a bunch of well seasoned jazzbos that add the special sauce to any session, and giving it her all on a collection of tunes these cats could play in their sleep.