"I had a chance to hear her recording and am excited for Chloe's future! She has the talent and the passion, and she's destined to do well…"  

- John Clayton

Huffington Post

"She is clearly a sultry singer who channels an earlier era of big bang singers. Brisson is one to watch."

- Fern Siegel. Huffington Post

“Watch out for this wonderful young lady on the jazz scene.  She's got a wonderful talent and is totally dedicated to what she sings.  We need you Chloe!”

- Sheila Jordan, Jazz Master

"It was a treat being part of this session. Chloe Brisson has a bright future--a young singer with a deep understanding of the lyrics; and the confidence and ease of a seasoned professional, without the "diva vibe" that often accompanies this kind of talent!" 

- Bill Mays

"Chloe has a fine instrument, and with maturity and experience will become an excellent jazz performer. I look forward to her continued growth and development."

- Marvin Stamm

" I'm sure to be hearing your name again in the years to come!"

- Dianne Reeves

Chloe can sing for sure. Though her awareness of the value of being part of the fabric of the band is what will welcome her as a treasured new addition to the jazz community.  Right on CB!”

- Matt Wilson

"Chloe has a deep passion for music and continues to blossom as an emotional, joyful and playful performer. Her intelligence in many areas of life comes shining through in each song that she sings and I truly look forward to hearing her as she develops her rich musical talents.

It's a great joy and inspiration to be one of Chloe's mentors and bandmates. You GO girl!"

- Fred Haas

  “Chloe came through in a big way! She hung in with a pretty fast crowd, musically speaking, and covered a lot of material like an old pro. Much will be made of her precocious age, yet ultimately her talent and poise will be what sticks with listeners and other musicians alike. It is comforting to know the music has a bright future when I hear Chloe sing!”

- Ben Williams